Joanne Spigonardo

Senior Associate Director

Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL)
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

Joanne Spigonardo has served as the senior associate director for the Initiative of Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL) at the Wharton School for nearly a decade. At IGEL, Joanne manages business development, corporate communications, sponsorship outreach, student events, annual conferences, and general program administration.

In her former roles at Wharton, Joanne was part of the Communications Office. She held positions as business manager of the Wharton Seminars for Business Journalists and for the Wharton Alumni Magazine. Joanne also served as the media relations coordinator. When with Alitalia Airlines, Joanne worked as a sales representative.

Joanne graduated from The University of Pennsylvania with a BA and later graduated from the Wharton Aresty Institute of Executive Education. She has a strong background in development, management, marketing, and Italian language and culture.

As a Wharton Mentor, she coaches new employees on professional development, and is active in Penn’s Grievance panels. She also served on Wharton’s training committee. Joanne is part of the Penn Alumni Interview Program and interviews several admissions candidates. As an alum of Penn and Wharton, and also a parent of two Penn graduates, she is a strong advocate in promoting Penn whenever possible.

Joanne has been in partnership with GreenBiz, Sustainable Brands, the Ethical Corporation, Pira Packaging International, Public Relations Society of America, the Green Sports Alliance, World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia, the Italian Consulate, the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, and the Nature Conservancy, as well as, many other NGO and government offices. She has brokered hundreds of corporate relationships for Wharton. Joanne was nominated for a University of Pennsylvania Models of Excellence Award for her contributions to IGEL and Wharton in 2012.