Andrej Patoski

B.A. Dual Computational Biology & Economics

(UPENN ’20)  
Andrej is a rising junior studying Computational Biology and Economics. His interest in sustainability first developed as a high school student when he did a project on the use of tobacco stems as an alternative energy source. As a Penn student Eco-Rep, he is actively involved in promoting sustainability projects on campus, including his initiative to introduce recycling and waste selection in Greek Life housing. Andrej is also involved in the Tishkoff lab where he does research on human genomics and evolution. His interest for global issues is manifested though his appointment as a Perry World House student fellow. He is interested in seeing how new advances in the realm of biological sciences can be applied towards entrepreneurship and innovation in environmental and business sustainability.
In the weekends you can find him skiing, or working on engaging peers in active listening and mental health management skills awareness. He also enjoys a good book, great food and quality interactions with other people.