Saloni Wadhwa
B.A. Undeclared, College of Arts and Sciences ’20 

Saloni Wadhwa is an IGEL Volunteer, and a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. Though she is currently undeclared, she plans to major in Economics and Psychology and minor in Sustainability and Environmental Management. Her academic interests include understanding the behavioral aspects that govern economics and how this ties to corporate social responsibility, majorly involving the environment.

She works as one of the youngest faculty for the Mysore Zoo, India’s largest zoo, as an intern in the Nature Conservation Foundation’s High Altitudes and Western Ghats Programs and the International Snow Leopard Trust. She plans to continue her work with wildlife and the environment in the USA with an Environmental Education and Animal Behavior Internship at the Philadelphia Zoo and most importantly, with IGEL. IGEL is constantly providing her with learning opportunities to help her tie her knowledge and love of the environment to her academic interests that she has developed at Penn.

Along with her academic work, she enjoys dancing, singing, swimming, hiking and is an ardent Disney fan!