3rd Annual Plasticity Forum

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Event Details:

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Plasticity NY Flyer

Plasticity Press_Release_May28

Date and venue – 24 June, 2014 at Tribeca Rooftop, New York More information – www.plasticityforum.com

Bringing together leading practitioners from plastic supply chains, procurement, and post-consumer waste management in a one-day conference, Plasticity 2014 delivers an innovation-packed agenda, addressing key issues such as: – Scalability and replication for global solutions – Innovations that reduce plastic waste impact – Decreasing the stress on communities from waste – Waste as a resource – trash or cash? Transforming waste streams into profit streams – Cleaner, smarter solutions in a circular economy – The recycling tipping point – transforming public beliefs and actions – Landfill, oceans, the future and why the World Bank cares Who’s going to be there: – Sustainable Brand Leaders – Retailers & Manufacturers – Educators & Think Tanks – Bio Plastic Producers – Recyclers – Design and Packaging Industries – Waste to Fuel Companies – Angel Investors – Entrepreneurs – Government Agencies – Policy Makers

This year’s forum is proud to announce that former President of Costa Rica, Jose Maria Figueres, now Co- Chair of the Global Ocean Commission, and President of the Carbon War Room will be presenting and said “Even the deepest, most remote parts of the vast global ocean contain human-made trash. Plastic is by far the commonest example. We must work together to increase reuse and recycling, strengthen waste management and producer accountability, and create a circular economy that puts an end to plastic pollution.”

We are also pleased to announce that William McDonough, Chairman of McDonough Innovation, and co- author of Cradle-to-Cradle, as well as Mr. Ron Gonen, CEO of the newly formed $100m Closed Loop Fund and former ‘recycling czar’ in his previous role as Deputy Commissioner of Sanitation, Recycling & Sustainability for New York City, will be one of the keynote speakers talking about the challenges and opportunities for companies and cities to create engaged recycling programs.

Plasticity includes a range of global experts on the issues of plastic, innovation and scale, including:

    • Dr. Mike Biddle, Founder and Director, MBA Polymers, Gothenburg Sustainability Winner
    • Steve Davies, Director, Marketing/Public Affairs, Nature Works
    • Robert McKay, Senior Business Manager, Global Sustainability, SABIC Innovative Plastics
    • Steve Russell, Vice President, Plastics Division, American Chemistry Council
    • Richard Mattison, CEO, Trucost
    • Mr. Tom Szaky, CEO, Terracycle
    • Stephan Clambaneva, Director & Design Business Consultant, Design Studio at Dassault Systemes
    • Bridgett Luther, President, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
    • These speakers will be joined by leading experts in the field include innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, brand managers, educators, think tanks, government agencies, designers, angel investors and service industries to share their learnings, experience and future strategies.

Plasticity Press_Release_May28

“Plastic does not need to be a problem if it is handled, designed and recycled properly, so that it does not become waste. There are solutions out there, but we need them to scale, and this is where Plasticity brings value across industries and governments by allowing them to learn from one another and build collaborations that empower waste reduction, or turning waste into a resource,” said Doug Woodring, Founder of Plasticity. The aim of Plasticity is to show who’s already doing it, how you can do it, and how you can turn this into a profitable exercise for your bottom line.