Dr. Michael Ferrari

Ferrari_1Michael Ferrari, PhD, is a Director at Point72, based in Manhattan. Prior to Point72, Michael was at IBM, where he was the VP & Head of Data Science as part of the Watson Advertising Group, based in Manhattan. In this role, he was responsible for defining the data science strategy across all of the weather/location/IoT based products. He led a team of data scientists, engineers, and product managers in developing and implementing scalable, data-driven solutions for audience targeting, mobile and location-based targeting, ad attribution, and performance tracking across the Watson cognitive computing product portfolio. He has spent most of his career in a variety of quantitative and data/informatics roles as a scientist, engineer, trader and entrepreneur. Michael’s trading experience has been predominantly in the commodities space (ags/softs/energy/materials) and he has significant experience in starting and growing both traditional and corporate ventures. In addition, he is also an affiliate scientist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Applications Laboratory in Boulder, CO, an active board member on several science-driven companies and organizations, a research associate and faculty advisor at the MIT Media Lab, and a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania. Michael holds a doctorate in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and Evolutionary Biophysics from Rutgers University, and conducted his pre and postdoctoral research at NASA.