Multi-Master’s Degree

Want an international experience Interested in environmental issues in China and Europe? Consider the Multi-Master’s Degree in International Environmental Management to gain a global perspective of sustainability and environmental management.

Multi-Master’s Degree in International Environmental Management

  • Mastère Spécialisè degree in Environmental Management, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France
  • Master of Engineering, Tsinghua University, Bejing, China
  • Master of Environmental Studies, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Advanced graduate students at Penn can apply for admission. Upon completion of their studies, students will receive a Mastère Spécialisè degree in Environmental Management from the Ecole des Mines de Paris in France and a Master of Engineering degree from Tsinghua University in China, in addition to the Master of Environmental Studies degree from the University of Pennsylvania. The central purpose of the program is to bring together highly qualified individuals from France, China, and the United States with a variety of master’s degrees in a unique and rigorous program that will prepare them to manage complex international environmental challenges.

Students who have completed the program have focused on climate change, sustainable urban development in China, a lifecycle analysis of nuclear power, green building in Korea, greening NBC Universal, REDD+, and corporate social responsibility initiatives in China. Seminars are generally given in English and run from October to the end of May.  The cost of the program depends on whether the internship company sponsors the student in the program, in which case the company pays 22,000 Euros, or if the student self-finances the program, the tuition is 12,000 Euros. This is in addition to the tuition for the time spent at Penn. Additional living costs are estimated at 5000 Euros for the entire course of the program.


  • Eight course units in the MES program at Penn
  • Five months of courses, lectures, site visits, case studies and projects at MINES ParisTech in Fontainebleau.
  • Three months of courses, lectures, site visits, case studies and projects at the Environmental Science and Engineering Department of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China
  • A six-month internship with a corporation that the student has previously arranged. The post-internship report will serve as the Capstone for MES students. Each participating student has the responsibility for arranging an internship with an international company. The internships are designed to give the student a chance to address a complex and ill-defined environmental problem in which the employer is interested, and the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the courses during the first eight months to the solution of the environmental problem.  The placements can be with industrial firms, social service agencies, consulting firms, and governmental agencies.

For more information on this program, please visit the program page or contact Dr. Yvette Bordeaux.