Emily Milbauer Biography


Emily Milbauer

Master of Environmental Studies
Environmental Biology Concentration


Emily is the Graduate Intern for IGEL and a current student in the Master of Environmental Studies program at the University of Pennsylvania. Her interests are in wildlife conservation, biology, and sustainability.

The summer before her involvement with IGEL, Emily worked as an environmental educator at the Wissahickon Environmental Center in Philadelphia.  This position led Emily to further pursue opportunities in environmental leadership and advocacy, hoping to spread passion for environmental issues. Her degree includes coursework in governance and finance of global environmental management, field ecology, wetland biology, and current issues in environment. This year, her courses are in environmental business, conservation ecology, and botany.

During her time as an undergraduate at the University of Connecticut, she developed skills in event coordination and management from her extracurricular involvements and earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology.


emilymil@sas.upenn.edu / emilymilbauer@yahoo.com