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Climate CAP 2020

February 21, 2020

Friday, February 21 | 8:00 AM - Saturday, February 22 | 5:00 PM EST
UVA Darden School of Business


3:30-4:30 pm
Registration and Check-In

4:30-7:00 pm
Welcome & Opening Keynotes

Scott Price, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, UPS

Mark Kaye, Chief Financial Officer, Moody’s

Mike Lenox, Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration, Senior Associate Dean, and Chief Strategy Officer, UVA Darden

Ed Freeman, University Professor, Elis and Signe Olsson Professor of Business Administration, Co-Academic Director for the Institute for Business in Society, UVA Darden

Brad Sparks, Executive Director, Global Corporate Citizenship, KPMG

7:00-8:30 pm
Networking Reception in Pepsico Forum and South Lounge

9:00-11:00 pm
After-Hours Student Social (location TBD)

Feb. 22


7:30-8:45 am
Breakfast in Abbott Dining Hall (no food/drink in Abbott Auditorium)

8:45-9:10 am
Welcome and Intro Remarks

9:10-10:00 am
Keynote: The Financial Risks of Climate Inaction and Opportunities for Investment

We talk of climate risks, but just how big are these risks to businesses and to financial institutions?  With the inevitable shift to a low carbon economy, there are opportunities for firms to finance the global transition needed to avoid future financial instability. What are the challenges to climate-positive financing and where is innovation still needed?

Matt Arnold, Managing Director, Global Head of Sustainable Finance, JPMorgan Chase

Bruno Sarda, President, North America, Carbon Disclosure Project (invited)

10:00-10:45 am
Keynote: Innovation’s Role in Sustainable Growth

Climate change mitigation will be critical to our ability to feed another 2 billion people worldwide by 2050.  Our inability to meet this demand in a sustainable way will impact industries, communities, and economies around the world.  Agriculture is uniquely positioned to help reduce the speed and trajectory of climate change, and to benefit directly from those efforts.  Where is innovation happening and what are companies doing to address this growing threat and capitalize on investments?

James C. Collins, Chief Executive Officer, Corteva Agriscience

In conversation with Morela Hernandez, UVA Darden, Donald and Lauren Morel Emerging Scholar in Business Administration and Associate Professor of Business Administration

10:45-11:00 am
Coffee Break

11:00-11:40 am
Panel: Incumbent Strategies, Pivoting in a Disruptive Business Environment

Mark Webb, Sr. Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Dominion Energy

Charlene Russell, Vice President, Low Carbon Strategies, Low Carbon Ventures LLC, subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum (invited)

Moderated by Mike Lenox, UVA Darden Professor of Business Administration

11:40-11:50 am
ClimateCAP Talk: The Power of Workforce Advocacy and the MBA Climate Positive Career Pledge

Bill Weihl, Former Director of Sustainability at Facebook

11:50-12:40 pm
Panel: Creating a Culture of Innovation, Influencing Supply Chains, and Offering Products that Matter to the Environment, Customers, and the Bottom Line

What drives a company to innovate? How will supply chains be impacted by climate change? What are the challenges in influencing suppliers and sourcing clean technologies, materials, and ingredients?  How do you create a consumer product that reduces climate impact, meets evolving customer needs, and is also profitable?

Virginia Covo, Global Director, Supply Chain Sustainability, AB InBev

Christopher Davidson, Director, Corporate Sustainability, Westrock Company

12:45-2:15 pm
Lunch & Panel Session

Panel: Communicating the Good – Effective Corporate Communication Strategies

Shareholders, investors, and consumers are demanding greater transparency from companies with regard to corporate action on climate change.  Communication can make or break a brand. What does a successful strategy around climate action look like?

Joanna Price, Sr. Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, Coca-Cola

Dana Bolden, Chief Communications Officer, Corteva Agriscience

Ogilvy (speaker to be identified)

Moderated by June West, UVA Darden Associate Professor of Business Administration

2:30-3:45 pm
Industry Deep Dive & Problem-Solving Breakout Sessions

Students will explore one of four sectors – transportation, energy, agriculture and finance – that are critical to efforts to decarbonize by 2050.  They will engage with panelists on the challenges and opportunities for companies investing in clean tech products and services.  The overall theme is “catalyzing clean tech innovation and accelerating adoption”, which is based on UVA Darden’s Path to 2060 research.

Steve Bowers, Vice President, Marketing + Communications, Apex Clean Energy

Devin Welch, Chief Strategy and Development Officer, Suntribe Solar

Mark Hantzmon, Founder and CEO, Hexagon Energy

Mark Webb, Sr. Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Dominion Energy

Cassie Bowe, Vice President, Investments, Energy Impact Partners, (invited)

Melanie Nakagawa, Head of Climate Initiative, Princeville Capital (invited)

Proterra – speaker to be identified

General Motors – speaker to be identified

3:45-4:00 pm
Refreshment Break

4:00-5:00 pm
Panel: Navigating Public Policy and Corporate Influence

There is a new social order, where companies not only respond to shareholder interests but also have a role in the larger social system in which they operate. Companies are establishing a presence on Capitol Hill, developing working relationships with federal, state, and regional governments on climate issues. What are some of the challenges inherent in working across all of these stakeholders?  How does policy action impact businesses and what is the appropriate role of the private sector in influencing public policy? What do MBAs need to understand to help their companies navigate effectively, including assessing the risks of inaction?

Stephen Harper, Global Director, Environment and Energy Policy, Intel

David Brown, Sr. Vice President, Federal Government Affairs and Public Policy, Exelon Corporation

Moderated by Kevin Fay, Alcade & Fay, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer

5:00-6:00 pm
Being an Intrapreneur, Leading Change from Within

What does it take to influence a company’s direction from within? How can an MBA encourage change in a large multinational organization while engaging all of the stakeholders needed for successful outcomes? What are the most effective finance or marketing tools and messages that will resonate in the C-suite? Attendees will hear from MBA alumni about their journeys as agents of change.

Will Teichman, Vice President of Business Operations, Kimco Realty Corporation

Chrissa Pagitsas, Vice President, Enterprise Environmental, Social, and Governance, Fannie Mae (invited)

Katherine Neebe, Senior Director – ESG, Trust & Transparency, Walmart (invited)

6:00-6:15 pm
Reflections and Closing Remarks

6:15 – 8:00 pm
Networking Reception