Wharton IGEL Leaders

Richard W. Henning
Senior Vice President

“There is no avenue that provides businesses with an interactive forum for reaching high-level business leaders with environmental responsibilities like IGEL at Wharton. Their ability to put together academic leaders and selected experts from emerging areas of sustainable business is unparalleled and fosters new, creative ways to solve our most pressing environmental problems.”

Karissa L. Kruse
President, Sonoma County Winegrowers
Executive Director, Sonoma County Grape Growers Foundation

“In my role supporting Sonoma County as a leading wine region in sustainability, IGEL has been an invaluable partner to connect me with other corporate leaders inspiring sustainable solutions around the world and has pushed my thinking to bring new ideas and resources back to my job and stakeholders.  Engaging with IGEL first as an alumni advisor and then as a corporate board member has been and will continue to be a priority for me and my work.”

Elizabeth Montoya
Vice President of Investor Relations
Rubicon Global

“Rubicon’s mission To End Waste is directly aligned with Wharton IGEL’s objective to bring awareness to sustainable opportunities and transformative thinking around our planet. We are delighted to partner with Wharton IGEL, and we look forward to the meaningful work we will continue to do together in the future.”

Jon Freedman
Senior Vice President
SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions
Wharton MBA 1991

“Wharton IGEL is a great platform for connecting with other academic and business leaders who share the vision of a sustainable water future.  It’s also a great partner for co-hosting summits and publishing reports on important environmental issues.”

Sergio Corbo
Member Wharton IGEL Corporate Advisory Board

“Veolia North America, a global leader in integrated resource management, is a proud partner of the Wharton-led, Penn-wide Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL) and we are very impressed with its attention to detail, engagement, knowledge, resources, and commitment to advancing sustainable industries.”

Andreas Y. Gruson
Industrial Advisory Services, LLC
Corporate Advisor

“I am excited to be coming home to the University of Pennsylvania and honored to serve on the corporate advisory board for the Wharton Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership.  Sustainability and environmental impact have become critical components of success for any business today, and I am looking forward to contributing my experiences not only to the business community globally, but as importantly, to the future business leaders at Wharton.”


Hayley McCurdy
Communications Coordinator
Wharton IGEL
MES 2020

“In an increasingly complex world, IGEL’s corporate partners, alumni, faculty, and student supporters provide me with hope for our future generations. It is inspiring to listen to interdisciplinary members discuss sustainability best practices and brainstorm innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental issues. I’m grateful to work for an organization that mirrors its mission daily, supports life-long learning, and connects a strong network of sustainability thought-leaders.”

Elena Rohner
Business Analyst, AT Kearney
IGEL Alumni Advisory Board
UPenn MA 18′; BA 17′

“Becoming part of the IGEL community was one of those life-changing decisions you make in college.  First, it opened my eyes.  I learned from and met sustainability leaders who taught me what I didn’t know I didn’t know about the sustainability world.  And second, it fueled my passion.  The conferences and seminars I had the privilege to help coordinate and attend constantly renewed my energy and desire to delve deeper into the fields of health and sustainability in the built environment.”

Allen Hershkowitz, Phd
Chairman and Founding Director
Sport and Sustainability International And Environmental Science Advisor, NY Yankees

“The world has never confronted more urgent ecological challenges, biologically, economically and politically. Few organizations in the world can provide the credibility and intelligence of the Wharton Business School’s Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership in helping to address these challenges. The research and conferences organized by IGEL throughout the world are unparalleled for the brillant and influential people they bring together and the information disseminated. I am honored to be a member of IGEL’s Global Corporate Advisory Board and I look forward to many more years of collaboration in the future.”

Brad Molotsky, LEED AP O&M
Duane Morris
“IGEL – What a wonderful organization – a convener of big ideas, interesting informed people who roll up their sleeves, who are willing to listen to each other and who want to share ideas and make positive change for the community.  A worthy investment of time and dollars.”


Stephanie Potter
Senior Director of Sustainability and Circular Economy Program
United States Chamber of Commerce

“IGEL has been a terrific and high-touch resource not only for its alumni but also for its robust network of affiliate partners and collaborators. IGEL’s content and convenings are reflective of the evolution of sustainability and relevant to practitioners across industries. Makes me want to go back to school!”

Gary Survis
Wharton IGEL Senior Fellow
Lecturer, Masters of Environmental Studies
Wharton ‘86
Venture Partner, Insight Venture Partners

“IGEL holds a unique position at the crossroads of academics and business.  No organization has so successfully harnessed the brains of academia to attack the real world challenges of business as IGEL has.”

Maria Antonia Andrews
IGEL Faculty Advisory Board
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs
Department of Earth and Environmental Science
University of Pennsylvania

“IGEL has always been supportive of all our students at EES.  I see IGEL as a place where so many different parts of the University merge to collaborate and further sustainability solutions”

Millicent Pitts
CEO and Executive Director

“IGEL events are the place to be where industry, academia and government intersect to learn about and work on making our everyday existence and business more sustainable, all in very practical terms.”

John Giordano, Esq.
Archer, P.C.
IGEL Faculty Advisor

“It’s an honor being a member of the IGEL team as we continue building toward a sustainable future; one that lays at the intersection of People, Profit, and Planet. IGEL not only tirelessly promotes the cohesion of these necessary ingredients, but also successfully pulls them together under one roof.

Richard Ling
University of Pennsylvania
Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER)
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences 2020 | College of Arts and Sciences 2020

“As Sustainable Solutions’ very first partner, Wharton IGEL truly cares about student-led leadership in sustainability. With the help of IGEL, Sustainable Solutions held our very first kickoff event, which attracted roughly 50 students and speakers from Penn and the Philadelphia School District. I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunities that IGEL has given me, and I am excited to build upon this wonderful foundation.”

John Shegerian
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman
“There is no doubt that the future of sustainability leadership and its effects on the global economy largely hinge on education. As leaders of the electronic waste recycling and ITAD community, it has been a great privilege for ERI to be able to share our insights with the tremendous business and research minds of Wharton and IGEL. Based on our shared commitment to sustainability and the preservation of natural resources, we have developed a rapport and connection over the last several years that we are very proud of. We’re excited to see the continuing evolution of IGEL and its essential research, which will help to fuel positive change via informing the thought leaders of the next generation.”

Samantha Klug
Wharton MBA Candidate 2019

“IGEL has helped me learn about influencing organizations for sustainability from accomplished practitioners who have earned a seat at the table. Hearing their experiences gives me confidence to create my own professional path and pursue the issues I find important, because no one else might!”

Anthony Gokianluy
Wharton MBA Candidate, Class of 2020
Research Fellow

“IGEL has provided an avenue for me to pursue my interests in business and sustainability, as well as explore the intersections of these fields in various industries–working with Rubicon Global has given me access to mentors, resources, and exciting projects that continue to challenge me to innovate and think creatively about solutions to global problems.”

Lucia DiNapoli, MES
Director of Strategic Initiatives for Administration
Office of Administration
University of Pennslyvania School of Nursing

Karen Titus
National Sales Account Executive
Delta Air Lines
“In my experience, I have found IGEL to be equal parts inspiring, informative and collaborative.”