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 2014 Career Event


Wharton IGEL’s 3rd Annual Career Event, “Careers in Social Impact and Sustainability” was hosted in collaboration with Wharton MBA Career Management and the Wharton Social Impact Initiative.

In this original fast-paced networking event, Wharton MBA and Penn graduate students interested in sustainability and social impact had the opportunity to connect with several corporate, governmental and non-governmental organizations that have been setting the pace for sustainability practices globally. The event included representatives from the pharmaceutical, energy, health care management, financial, and chemical sectors, and more, such as FMC, Goldman Sachs, DuPont and Rubicon Global.

2012 Career Event

Careers in Sustainability, Energy, and Business 

Hosted by Wharton IGEL and Wharton MBA Career Management, the Second Annual Career Event delivered practical information for students seeking to enter a career in sustainability, energy, and business.

Panel One: Careers in Energy Investing and Resource Management. Corporations and investing firms are increasingly realizing they can no longer afford to ignore environmental and social risks: they are now looking for employees who can understand global risk and its corporate impacts. Students interested in venture capital, private equity, and financial analysis heard from various perspectives on careers in the industry, and presentations highlighted the importance of energy, water, and resource management in the global financial industry.

Panel Two: Careers Merging Sustainability and Business. This panel explored the different ways students can incorporate sustainability into their careers, from starting and joining sustainable businesses, to working to make corporations greener. Panelists argued that sustainability is a great untapped business opportunity and that all students should understand the connections between the environment and bottom lines.

Event Resources

Panel Brochure and Agenda: Check out the career panel brochure for the agenda, biographies of Speakers, Panelists, and Moderators.

Pictures: See the pictures for this event.

Articles: Check out Marissa Rosen’s blog post covering this event.

Wharton IGEL 2011 Career Event

Careers in Sustainability, Energy, and Business 

Panel One – Careers in Sustainability & Social Impact. Jennifer Savoie, Senior Associate Director, MBA Career Management, served as moderator of panel one.  This panel focused on the increase in environmental management positions in organizations and how these jobs interface with corporate social responsibility.  The panelists discussed specific job paths and the related impact on increasing revenues as well as increasing social good. Panelists: KoAnn Skrzyniarz, Sustainable Life Media, Beth Uhlhorn, Dow, Karen Klimas, Merck, Scott Feldman, SAP

Panel Two – Careers in Energy & Corporate Efficiency. Emily Schapira, Associate Director, Wharton Sustainability Program, was the moderator for panel two.  This panel examined the expanding role of energy as the essence for economic growth and its continued force for efficiency in business strategy.  The panelists discussed new energy roles within organizations that will be pivotal for the firm’s success. Panelists: Rye Barcott, Duke Energy, Bill Kunze, The Nature Conservancy, Melanie Dickersbach, Exelon, Joe Rozza, Global Resource Sustainability Manager, The Coca-Cola Company, Gary Survis, GeoscapeSolar

Event Resources

Panel Brochure and Agenda: Check out the career panel brochure for the agenda, biographies of Speakers, Panelists, and Moderators.

Articles & Interviews: Sustainability Twinned with Profits, by Aishwarya Nair; Careers in Energy and Corporate Efficiency, by Amanda Byrne; Bill Kunze, The Nature Conservancy; Joe Rozza, The Coca-Cola Company

Pictures: See all pictures for this event.