2011 Conference

2011 IGEL Conference-Workshop 

Valuing Water: Business Challenges & Opportunities for Innovation

As part of President Amy Gutmann’s Climate Action Plan, the 2010-11 academic year was designated the Year of Water at the University of Pennsylvania. The Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL) at Wharton lead salient discussions on how businesses can evaluate how water use and the exchange of water value impact the economy, human rights, and global environmental issues.

Conference-Workshop Objective:  Provide an in-depth, informed and current overview on challenges of managing water scarcity and costs, including a global perspective on best practices of business strategy.   Explore specific opportunities for innovation in this area related to the development of new internal management tools, policy formation and new business opportunities.  Issue report based on collective discussions for future research, potential policy impact and future potential business opportunities.

General description: This series of conference-workshops was designed to address leading environmental issues facing business from academic, practical, and policy-oriented perspectives. The distinctive format of this series of conference-workshops was to employ “workshop-style” interactions to promote rigorous in-depth discussion and engagement on issues among different stakeholders, including representatives of non-governmental organizations and government as well as business and academia.  Participation in the conference was by invitation only (though requests for participation from interested and qualified people, including students, were liberally granted).  The aim of the conference-workshop was to promote a neutral and intellectually rigorous environment for learning and education on major selected issues. Identification of topics and problems deserving continued research or revisiting at future conferences was another goal of the deliberations.

Conference Resources

Conference Report: The comprehensive report on the 2011 IGEL Conference on Valuing Water.

Conference Pictures: Remember to check out the pictures from the 2011 IGEL Conference on Valuing Water.