2013 Conference

2013 IGEL Conference-Workshop

The Nexus of Energy, Food and Water

Conference-Workshop Objective: Provide an in-depth, informed and current overview about sustainability and the nexus between energy, food and water. Discussions highlighted strategies needed to evaluate water risk as it relates to the global economy and how this intersects with the shift in energy resources, food supply and security. The panels discussed best business models and tools needed for future research, potential policy impact and future potential business opportunities.

Conference Resources


Conference Booklet: View the Conference Booklet for the agenda and the list of speakers and presentations.

Conference Photos: click here to view pictures from the 2013 IGEL Conference.

Knowledge@Wharton Special Report: The Nexus of Energy, Food and Water

Conference Presentations and Ideas: This Wharton IGEL Conference featured a wide range of speakers and presentations addressing sustainability at the nexus of energy, food and water. Take a look at the presentations below:

The Big Ideas Today, Gary Survis, Practical Digital Marketing, The Wharton School
The Stress Nexus, J. Ashley Nixon, Shell
Sustainability and Food Waste, Bernard David
The Water-Food-Energy Nexus, Andrew Winston
Food Security at the Nexus: The Role of the Agricultural IndustryMariola Kopcinski, FMC
Building a Sustainable Sustainability Strategy, Dave Stangis, Campbell’s Soup
Sustaining the supply chain, Cope Willis, pwc
Sustainable Development: Moral Obligation or rightful role of business? Neil Hawkins, The Dow Chemical Company

Preconference Reading:

The Food-Water-Energy Nexus: A global Issue, by Caroline D’Angelo
The relationship between Humans and the Environment, by Doug Miller
International Food Security Assessment, 2012-20122, USDA
Can Shell’s ‘stress nexus’ change the conversation about natural resources?, GreenBiz
Water Scarcity ‘Must Be Addressed Urgently’ To Avoid Food Shortages, Nestle CEO Paul Bulcke Says, Huffington Post
Survey: Risk of Drought in the United States, by Sharon Muli
Water for Energy, by Iliana Sepulveda

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