Wharton IGEL 2014 Conference: Sustainability in the Age of Big Data


Sustainability in the Age of Big Data

Hosted by:
The Wharton Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (Wharton IGEL)

SlidesDave KeplerCharles IcelandPaul RogersDennis AmorosanoDavid ParkerWayne BaltaDan Probst

Pictures: Wharton IGEL 2014 – Big Data Slides Photos

Big data is changing everything… Including sustainability. The massive amounts of data around the sustainability space are beginning to be harnessed to deliver meaningful results to organizations’ sustainability initiatives and tackle some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues. The goal of this conference-workshop was to provide insight, research perspectives, and solutions for organizations as they begin to grapple with the power of data that has the capacity to dramatically change business and sustainability initiatives. Wharton IGEL will partner with Knowledge@Wharton to produce a special report on the value of data as a resource and how it will impact nature and the economy in the future.

Blog Posts from Keynote Speakers: David Kepler – The Dow Chemical Company

Blog Post on Big Data: Elaine Hsieh – VERGE

Blog Post from Conference Moderator Gary Survis: The Malaysian Airlines Flight Disappearance and the Future Epic Battle between Data for Good and Evil